Female Victim

Suki’s story


First time I tried spice I was in a park with my mates. We usually smoked weed and had a few cans on a weekend but this time one of them had brought this thing called “Magic Dragon”. It was legal back then so I didn’t really think twice trying it.

Rolled up like a joint and smoked like weed, it took me surprise. It was like the left side of my brain had brain-freeze. I relaxed into the grass, mellowed like I’d just took a drag of a spliff, relaxed but after a few drags the world around me started to brighten, the world was more colourful. Apart from that I became a zombie, my body fighting its normal functions.

After that I’d stuck to weed and beer for a bit. We’d go to a mates house and people were doing whatever they could get their hands, spice was so easy to get hold of, so it became a regular thing. Because it was so like weed, my mate thought we could use it in a bong, big mistake.

We were at someone’s house while their parents were away. Pretty standard party, our mates brought mates we didn’t know but I felt pretty safe. We decided to get the party going with a hit of spice. Sat in her room with white brick walls it felt a bit like a prison cell.

I took a few hits before the spice took effect and things started to get weird. I felt trapped, done for. I couldn’t speak and a horrible aftertaste filled my mouth. Paralysed from the waist down, my body was locked and a suffocating white noise filled the room, like when the car radio isn’t tuned. I honestly thought this was the last room I’d ever see, that I was stuck in this eternal hell forever.

I was a zombie, half of my brain felt dead, the other half having a nap. I tried to force a cry for help out of my mouth, I needed to get the attention of anyone outside of this hell. I could see my mate living in her own personal world, there was no help coming from her. I pushed the loudest scream out of my mouth, felt like pushing my lungs out of the throat. The noise shocked my brain into action and the static stopped. My friends heard me and I started to return to normal after that.

I am so thankful I was in a safe place with people who aren’t out to do me any harm. If I had been in that situation around people who were out for something from me, well I could have been raped, assaulted or anything. I’ve heard about people giving teenagers this shit claiming it to be ‘Synthetic cannabis’ as if it’s safe and a bit of fun. It was the worst experience of my life. Never again!



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