Male Victim

Rick’s Story

How awesome would it be to be seduced by an actual woman?
Think about it, when it happens on TV and films there’s some hot older girl who won’t take no for an answer and your mates all say that the lad must be gay for not going with her.

When it came out that my mate Ricky had been having sex with Chris’s cousin Kim we were all well jealous. He was only 14 but he was a real man now.
Kim, to be clear is an actual woman. She’s ten years older than us, sorta hot in a scary way and very cool. She did drugs and was not to be messed with. It was awesome for Ricky that she’d picked him.

People were joking and saying stuff on messages to each other.
I even heard a story that Ricky had sneaked Kim into school and done it in the head’s office.
Ricky said that was made up and he didn’t want to talk about it.

You’d have thought Ricky would’ve have enjoyed the attention. I mean people hardly noticed him before. Weird thing is he was even less confident than before. It was like everything was changing, I suppose that’s what happens when you grow up?

When we were alone, I asked Ricky what it was like going with Kim. He told me if I promised not to tell anyone he’d let me know, so I did. He told me it felt really wrong, like sometimes he was being forced. I don’t know why he said that, I mean he went along with it, physically, you can’t make a boy do it, right?

I found out that Ricky had only met Kim because Chris took him round to hers. Yep, Chris can be a douche sometimes; I’d asked him ages ago if I could hang out there for some drinks and weed.
What was so special about Ricky? I’m the funny one. I work out. Ricky’s just, well, Ricky!

I asked Ricky if I could hang with Kim and their friends some time. He was really harsh with me. Telling me that I didn’t want anything to do with them and I didn’t understand. Well sorry, Mr “I’ve got a girlfriend”, but I’m old enough to make my own choices. I thought we were mates.

I can’t believe mum tried to make me tell Ricky’s mum everything I knew about what was going on.
I know Ricky was being a dick recently, but I couldn’t land him in it. She said he was hiding away and seemed scared all of the time. Maybe Kim was tiring him out? I told them he was fine, just that school was stressing us all out. I suggested maybe she should chillax. Mum said I was an idiot. Harsh.

Ricky hasn’t been to school the past couple of days. Chris told me I had to tell him to get in touch with Kim quick or there’d be trouble. I keep messaging Ricky, but he’s being really shady, saying he’s sick. I don’t know what he’s playing at, but like he said, it’s his business not mine.

It all kicked off today. My mum told me that Ricky’s in hospital, that he’s been beaten up really bad. She won’t believe me that I don’t know anything, that he was one
of my best friends so I must know what had been going on. She said that the police would want to speak to me soon. I messaged Chris to ask him what he knew. He told me I better keep my mouth shut; that won’t be difficult as I have no idea what is going on! Chris can be such a douche.

Ricky’s out of hospital now and I went to see him. He’s jabbering on like an idiot really. Saying that the police don’t know what they are doing and what’s going on with him is none of their business. Mum told me that Ricky had been, well, she said he’d been raped. She was really upset; says I aren’t allowed out of her sight!

Everything that happened is out there. It’s all round school, but it’s not funny this time. Ricky says he has to move schools, maybe even out of the area. We only speak on Whatsapp these days. He says that Kim is still his girlfriend, but that things got out of hand. He says I’ll understand when I fall in love. Well if this is love, forget that, I might become a nun or a hermit crab or something.

Mum says I should just leave it alone with Ricky, but she asked me why after being his mate for 10 years I didn’t do more to help. Gee thanks mum, make me feel guilty much? What was I supposed to do, I’m only 14.
Thing is, I realise now, he was mate so maybe it was my business? I suppose I could have… damn, I’m such a douche.

You can help to protect your friends by knowing the signs of sexual exploitation and speaking up if you’re worried. When do you think Ricky’s friend should have started spotting the signs of sexual exploitation? Names and details have been changed to protect identities.

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