Female Victim, Year 6, Years 10 - 11, Years 7 - 9

Jane’s Story

Sam becomes Jane’s first love. He’s older, funny, interested in her and takes her into an exciting world of parties and new experiences. For the first time, she is really in love.

Then things change. Jane finds herself trapped in a relationship where Sam and his friends show that their motives are much darker than it first appeared.

This is a story about sexual exploitation, it highlights one way in which a young person can be groomed and then exploited by an older ‘friend’. It is important to remember that there are many different forms of grooming and exploitation.

There are two versions of the film both of which are available to download and watch for free.

This made for TV version features appearances from senior figures in education, health, policing and leading charities that provide support for victims of sexual exploitation.

This shorter version, is based solely on Jane’s Story and should be used to start a discussion around the issues it raises.

Written and produced by eskimosoup. Filmed and edited by Nova Studios. Executive producer is the Police & Crime Commissioner for the Humberside Police Force area.

Thank to everyone that contributed to the making of the film.

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