Female abuser, Male Victim, Years 7 - 9

Harry’s Story

Names and details have been changed to protect identities.

Before I had even reached the age of thirteen I was groomed by a taxi driver, even though I didn’t really understand what had happened.

I started talking to females on the internet and meeting up with them, even though they were strangers, I didn’t really see why it was dangerous.

My life started getting really crazy, I was going missing from my boarding school all the time and the police would find me at people’s addresses, I later found out some were known sex offenders. Whenever I was at these addresses I was always given drugs and alcohol, as long as I would steal something for them, so I did.

When I ran away from school I’d often go to parties where sex, drugs and alcohol were always available, everyone at these parties was doing it so I didn’t see why it was wrong.

I was fifteen when I was referred to the care project*, I hate going out at night now because I’m scared I’ll be raped.

Harry has learning difficulties and attends a special school. He continues to work with the care project and other agencies to help him understand and recognise risk both online and in ‘the real world’; this is something he still struggles with.

*The Care Project is run by Cornerhouse to support victims of exploitation and help young people deal with what they have been through.

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