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What happened to Phoebe?

We have created Phoebe’s Room as a real-life Spot the Signs concept for events with young people, where interactive sessions are an effective learning method. Phoebe’s Room is set up as a physical room where young people can find clues to find out what happened to Phoebe.

On this page you will find an instructional video about Phoebe’s room, as well as supporting activities to be used alongside the room such as the “What happened to Phoebe?” film, play script, and film session plan.

Phoebe’s Room Guide

What happened to Phoebe?

Click the button below to access Phoebe’s Instagram, to be used as part of the Phoebe’s Room activity.
Phoebe’s Instagram has been created so you do not need the Instagram App and can be used in browser without having to log into any social media platform.