County Lines, Criminal exploitation, Female Victim, Film Resources, Male Victim, Sexual exploitation, Years 10 - 11


Sarah and her stepbrother Kyle are groomed by a gang after a vulnerable period of losing Sarah’s dad. We see how sexual (CSE) and criminal (CCE) exploitation impacts their friends and family as both of them become increasingly tangled in the manipulation of gang-leader, Sami, and exploitative couple, Lee and Nikki.

Warning: this series contains mature themes with scenes of violence and sexual coercion that some viewers might find distressing. It is recommended for viewers aged 13+

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Control Video Sessions

We have split the Control Film into two digestible sessions to be used consecutively or split according to your preference. During these two sessions, your group will be given questions and thinking points to consider during and after watching both parts of the film and will be encouraged to share their opinions and perspectives on various events and characters. Our video sessions will guide the group through the film and will accompany the printout prompt and session plan you can download below.

Please click here to access Control Film Pt.I and click here to access Control Film Pt. 2.

Long session Part 1 consists of film parts 1-3
Film running time: 21 minutes
Advised session running time: 30 to 60 minutes

Long session Part 2 consist of film parts 4-6
Film running time: 24 minutes
Advised session running time: 30 to 60 minutes

Control Written Mini-Sessions

We have split the Control Film further into six digestible parts as originally written as a series. You can use these written plans as part of one large session or across multiple sessions. Click the button below to download each session plan.

Advised running time for each session: 20 to 30 minutes