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Behind Alfie’s Story

Behind Alfie’s Story is a documentary reflecting on the real-life experiences that inspired the Alfie’s Story film. The documentary explains the challenges of Child Criminal Exploitation in North East Lincolnshire and the work being done to combat it, featuring interviews from CCE survivors, local people who took part in the filming and the professionals working to support victims and disrupt criminal gangs.

It’s advisable to watch the ‘Alfie’s Story’ film in advance of watching the follow up documentary, ‘Behind Alfie’s Story’.

Click on the button below to open Alfie’s Story or search “Alfie’s Story” on YouTube.

Behind Alfie’s Story Video

Age rating: Year 7 and above

Contains swearing and references to CCE, drug taking, alcohol, drug dealing, violence and threats of violence. Contains some scenes and descriptions that viewers might find distressing.