Not In Our Community is developed and continually improved with young people, including survivors, to help us protect ourselves and friends from grooming and sexual or criminal exploitation.

Now in our seventh year, we co-produce resources and stories based on real life events for use on social media and in schools / other groups where young people hang out. Our approach telling it like it really is helps thousands of young people understand how grooming and exploitation works so that they can better protect themselves, spot the warning signs amongst friends and know who they can go to for help.


Is Sexual Exploitation a big problem here?

Sexual exploitation happens everywhere – including in the Humber (Hull, East Yorkshire North Lincolnshire, and North East Lincolnshire). There are many cases in the area and unfortunately, it is likely there are some at your school. Not all cases of sexual exploitation involve gangs and trafficking like you might see on TV, some are much smaller and harder to detect so we have to be aware of the different ways in which abusers work.

What about Criminal Exploitation, does that happen here?

Just like sexual exploitation criminal exploitation happens everywhere, there will be cases in your town and maybe even at your school. Criminal exploitation is very hard to spot, and victims often just get labelled as ‘bad kids’, paying attention and knowing the signs is the only way to help friends who might be at risk.

How can I convince my friend that the people they’re hanging about with aren’t friends, they’re dangerous?

Rather than convince your friend you need to help them see that their new friends are dangerous. This can be really hard and you will need to be persistent. Question their behaviours and decisions and highlight when behaviours might be risky. Ask questions like ‘How well do you really know them?’, ‘Why would they buy that for you?’, ‘Don’t you think it’s a bit weird how they do …?’, ‘What would happen if you said no?’, ‘Do you feel safe/enjoy it?’.

Why won’t my friend talk to me about what’s going on?

There are lots of reasons why someone might not discuss what is going on. They could be embarrassed or scared, they might also be unaware that anything bad is happening and on the other hand they might have been threatened. All you can do is be there, support them and challenge things that you think are risky. Speak to other people and do your best to get them help.

Who is behind this campaign?

Not in our community is an award-winning campaign commissioned by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside and run by eskimosoup, a social marketing agency.

How can I get involved in the campaign?

This is a co-produced campaign, which means we aim to work with young people on every aspect of the campaign and our content creation.

Use our contact form below to get in touch about working with us on this campaign. We are always looking to work with young people, schools, and others on this campaign. We regularly run workshops, focus groups and photo/video shoots.

If you have experienced criminal or sexual exploitation and would like to share your story to help others we are here. Please get in touch and we can find a way to tell your story that works for you! Please note, we will ask you if you are receiving help with your situation and in order to make sure you are safe we might refer you to a trusted organisation for support.

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