In addition to our films and session plans that can be filtered by age and subject through NIOC Connect, Not In Our Community is a strong social media campaign that aims to raise awareness about the threat of grooming and risks of CCE and CSE so young people can protect both themselves and their friends.

On this page you will find our campaign material published across our social media channels and not available through NIOC Connect.

Whether you’re a young person, a parent, teacher or partner/professional, please help us to share our resource on whatever communication platforms you have available to reach young people, parents and communities. If sharing on social media, please tag us if appropriate or let us know any feedback by contacting us at

Thank you for your support!

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Ellie’s Story: Grooming during lockdown

Ellie’s Story is a new story that shows how vulnerable some young people become during lockdown. It’s a topical story that some people may be able to relate to. At the end of part 1, we asked young people if they thought Ellie was doing the right thing by organising to meet up with someone

Michael’s Story

Michael’s Story is a new alternative ending victim story which was shared across Instagram in individual parts and then as story albums on Facebook, with each alternative ending shared separately. With each Instagram post, an interactive Instagram story with questions related to each part was added at the same time, allowing followers to get involved


A catfish is someone who is using a fake (or not entirely truthful) profile to trick you into a relationship or friendship. Groomers might do this to appear younger, more attractive, more likeable/approachable or to target multiple victims at once. Catfishing is used to gain your trust, to get sexts/nudes from you, to get closer

Raising Awareness of Online Perpetrators

During the Coronavirus lockdowns, NIOC has continued to raise awareness of online grooming and warn young people that perpetrators may not be obvious to spot. The image shown below aim to show that perpetrators might not be ‘creepy old men’, they can be women, non-binary, friendly, popular, the same age as you and might even

Spot the signs

Our spot the signs cartoons include some of the warning signs of grooming and exploitation to look out for. Take note of any changes you’ve noticed in young people around you that could be a warning sign.  How many signs can you see? Find answers and more cartoons on the Protect Friends page.

Missed Me?

Missed Me? is a short film commissioned by the Community Safety Partnership to raise awareness of the reasons behind young people going missing and how they may become victims of crime through sexual or criminal exploitation. The film was shared through social media as a photo story on our Facebook page, which you can take