Child sexual exploitation can be hard to detect and abusers are very clever in their manipulation. Some young people won’t even be aware that it is happening to them.

It’s not always easy to know what our children are up to or if anything is bothering them, but any combination of these tell-tale signs is a strong indicator that something is wrong and you should get help.
• Bruising on their arms or body
• Regularly using drugs or drinking alcohol
• Mood swings, aggression towards others
• Truancy or a drop in performance at school
• Self-harm – e.g. cutting or eating disorders
• Change in appearance, or borrowing clothes from others
• Always tired
• Unexplained relationships with older people
• Staying out late, not returning home
• They have unexplained gifts, expensive clothes, mobile phones
• Unexplained money, frequently taking part in activities requiring money

 The Not in our community film, “Jane’s Story” is a good resource to introduce how sexual exploitation works and can be viewed online here. Remember that there is no typical victim or abuser type and that they can be male or female.

 Teach your children about healthy relationships. Talk through strategies to help them protect themselves if they find themselves in difficult situations. Help them learn how to keep safe.

PACE – Parents against child sexual exploitation
Pace works alongside parents and carers of children who are – or are at risk of being – sexually exploited by perpetrators external to the family. They offer guidance and training to professionals on how child sexual exploitation affects the whole family.


You can see Not in our community in the media here…

Male victim awareness week appeared on various radio and press, including KCFM.

Not in our community week with the East Riding FA in the Hull Daily Mail and ITV Calendar.

Liam Rosenior came along to Rock Challenge in Hull to raise awareness of the campaign.

The Launch of Jane’s story was covered by KCFM, Estuary TV (who also televised the film) and Hull Daily Mail.

Crimestoppers press release 5th November 2014 – Humbs CSE Campaign Nov14 Press Release

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