Think you or a friend might have been sexually exploited?

Want some advice or someone to talk to?

Exploitation is never your fault.

If someone is in immediate danger call 999. If you have concerns about sexual exploitation, you can call the local police on 101.

For 24/7 free, confidential help and advice you can call or text 116000 a dedicated Sexual Exploitation hotline run by the Missing Persons Charity.

Or you can contact local charity Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) on 01482 327044 

Cornerhouse supports young people in Hull and East Yorkshire, though will help young people outside of this area too.

Cornerhouse Confidential

We understand that sexual exploitation can be difficult to talk about and whilst we urge you to come forward, if you need someone you can trust to talk to, Cornerhouse Confidential is here for you. You can use it even if you do not live in Hull and East Yorkshire.

It is available for use by anyone who would like to send a message about young people who are or might be at risk of sexual exploitation. It is not an emergency contact form, if you think that a young person is in immediate danger please dial 999.

The form sends messages through directly to specialist workers trained in supporting young people in situations relating to sexual exploitation.
When the Cornerhouse Confidential messenger function is live, this means you can speak directly to a specialist worker and only need to provide your contact details when you are ready to do so.

Remember, if you think that a young person is in immediate danger please dial 999.


What happens when…

…I call 101?

When you call 101, the system will determine your location and connect you to the police force covering that area. You will hear a recorded message informing you that you’re being connected and then you will be given a choice of which force to be connected to. Calls to 101 are answered by police officers and staff in the control room of the local police force.

You should only call 101 to either report a crime or report concerns that do not need an emergency response. Emergencies should always be 999. All calls to 101 have a charge of 15p no matter how long the call or what time of day.

…I call 999?

When you ring 999, the operator will ask you which emergency service you require and the number you are calling from.  When the operator transfers your call to Humberside Police they will inform the Call taker of the telephone number you are calling from. The Call taker will ask you the location of the emergency and what the emergency is. They will then take your details.

This process may take time but it is very important to get the correct information from you to make sure your call is handled appropriately whilst protecting the safety of the public and our Officers. The call taker will ‘control’ the call so that the appropriate information is gained as quickly as possible.


…I call (or text) 116000?

All calls are answered by trained volunteers and you control what you tell them, you can say nothing or you can tell them your worries whether about yourself or someone else.

If you want to pass on information to the police or too a loved one you can, although you will need to provide the call taker with more information.

If you don’t want to call you can send a text to the same number.

The hotline is managed by the missing persons charity but they are specially trained in sexual exploitation as well.

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