Be a Not in our community ambassador.

This is your chance to influence the campaign and help your school or group involved in projects to help protect young people from grooming and sexual exploitation. Being part of this programme will not only help others, but it will provide you with meaning work experience and the opportunity to develop your media, design, acting, and leadership skills.

We’re looking for Not in our community (NIOC) Ambassadors to work alongside our campaign team to help with things such as:

  • Creating videos and photo stories,
  • Acting, writing and directing,
  • Social media takeovers,
  • Creating school activities and working with teachers to raise awareness,
  • Focus groups and workshops,
  • Getting feedback and surveys in your school.

As a NIOC Ambassador, you would be expected to attend training sessions and catch ups working closely with the core team and your school to improve the knowledge of all students through organising activities and distributing resources.

Not in our community is a co-produced campaign. This means we take the views of young people seriously and always offer the opportunity to feed into new resources. As an Ambassador you would be key in helping to facilitate this. We would expect you to provide direct feedback as well as helping to organise and run discussion groups within your school.

We are looking for organised, driven and confident students who still have a minimum of one year remaining at school to work with us. If you think you have what it takes to make a difference get in touch.

We need you!

Applications open online from the 25th March to the 6th May and must be co-signed by a teacher or supervisor at your school or youth group. It’s important that you have the support of a trusted adult to give advice and permissions where needed.

Interviews will be held (online or in person) focussing on your strengths as a potential ambassador and why they are interested – we don’t expect experts at this stage although some prior knowledge of the subject would be an advantage.

Take your time to fill these out. Maybe use a separate document to work on the questions first before completing it and submitting it online.

What are you committing too?

If you are selected as an ambassador, you will take part in a 2-day training course over the summer holiday – to be an approved NIOC Ambassador attendance at this is compulsory.

Following this; you would be our representative in your school or group – working with teachers and youth workers to distribute materials and plan ways to raise awareness and challenge views amongst your fellow students and friends.

You’d work with us to create new content for our social media getting involved in writing, photography, acting, creating assemblies and lesson plans. With the option to help us run workshops and drive the direction of our social media with our Ambassador takeover.

Most of that would take place in evenings, weekends and school holidays, so you need to be prepared and able to put some time into this – maybe about 1 or 2 hours per week with additional time in September and January or if you get involved in photo and video shoots.

If you attend the training and don’t think this is for you, don’t worry, though we hope that you’ll be onboard to work with us to make this important work even stronger!


Applications closed for 2018-19 school year.