What it is?

26 Days is a serial story that is released daily throughout December and will be available as a complete story in January.

The serial follows the story of a group of friends and abusers as they are groomed and exploited over a month, although the grooming process often takes place over an extended time frame. The story is told through four characters perspectives.

The serial is based on real life events and has been co-produced with students from Archbishop Sentamu Academy and Hull College.

Character Profiles


  • Lucy – Victim – Is best friends with Anna and Grace. A 13-year-old girl from a loving family, although they are very conservative and she wants to break away and have more fun. Fancies Rick, who is the year above (aged 15), and has done for a while and they start dating. He introduces her to his mates – Kyle and Sophia, another couple, and they hang out at Eddie’s place, who is older but gives them a place to chill.


  • Anna – Narrator & Friend – Anna’s mates have new boyfriends and so does Anna – but why do their dates go so differently? Best friends with Lucy and Grace, also 13 from a more unstable family but determined to have a good life and education. She already taking some GCSE Classes and is excited about the future. Has a boyfriend that she met at the sports centre after school, they have their first date on the same night as Lucy and Rick.


  • Grace – Narrator & Victim – Having just moved schools, Grace is trying to find new friends. Friends with Lucy and Anna, Grace is 14 and the same year as Sophia, Kyle and Rick, she goes to dance with Anna, so has known the best friends for ever, although she has only just moved to their school. She is unsure of her place and because of Lucy’s association with Rick, starts hanging out with them, and becomes close friends with Soph.


  • Eddie – Abuser – As head of gang Eddie is the one pulling the strings, he gives money to the guys to groom the girls, gives them a place to hang out and stuff to do. He groomed Rick and Kyle initially and has enabled them to groom others. He abusers everyone in the end.


  • Rick – Abuser – Dating Lucy. Doesn’t really care about school and is best mates with Kyle, they meet Eddie at the shop when he gets some beers for them after they get ID’d. They start hanging out at Eddie’s, gaming and drinking. Eddie starts to abuse them so they groom others to deflect from them.


  • Kyle – Narrator & Abuser – Grooming Sophia hasn’t been easy on Kyle – Eddie keeps pulling the strings, pushing him further to the edge. Kyle grooms Soph before our story starts. He starts out as a boyfriend loving and kind but with Eddie pulling the strings there are things that he has to ask her to do, the whole process takes months. He doesn’t like the situation he is in but has a bad home life and there isn’t really anything he can do.


  • Sophia – Narrator, Abuser & Victim – She’s been given an opportunity turn the tables but can she really put someone through what she has? Same year as Kyle, trapped in a relationship after he filmed her and she sent some naked photos. Eddie makes her hang out at the house all the time to reassure any girls that get brought around that everything is alright and the guys are fun/cool. She is still physically abused so she starts to groom Grace. So feels guilty and relieved when Grace starts being exploited.


  • Tariq – Is Anna’s boyfriend, he goes to a different school and knows Anna and Grace through the sports center. His relationship with Anna is a typical teenage one, full of cinema trips and hanging out at each others’ houses.


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